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13 Dec 2017

I came to Delhi with my friends in 2012. We never felt that this city has any particular vibe.  We visited visit lotus temple, Connaught place and all the other famous historical sites in Delhi. Now there was no place left in Delhi that we had not visited yet.

We were compelled by the circumstance of our time and situation to spend our weekends in MacDonald’s, Burger King and KFC eating burgers and crispy chickens.

And sometimes we would visit Cinema to watch a movie as there was not much left for us to do in Delhi. We were feeling bored out of mind until one day we came to know about Adventure Sports Near Delhi.

In this blog post, we will point out a few adventures sports activities that one should engage in Delhi to kill boredom and infuse a new energy into life. 

Here are some of the Adventure Sports near Delhi that one can enjoy after booking at least one out of the Day Packages near Delhi, Overnight Packages near Delhi or Village Tour Packages.    

1.     Rural Activities And Sports

If you are from village side then, you might have enjoyed certain games and activities in your childhood. If you will avail Village Tour Packages near Delhi, you will get an opportunity to see villagers showcasing their skill and art and inviting you to witness the same. You can see villagers running charkha, pottery, Atta Chakki and Doodh Bilona etc.

2.     Village Sports

Moreover, you can also indulge in some of the longed and forgotten village sports such as Gilli Danda, Kite Flying, Kho Kho, Kabbadi and Carom etc. There will be guides to tell you how to play these games.

3.     Urban Sports Activities

Not just rural sports, you can also enjoy urban sports activities like Volley Ball, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton and football etc.

4.     Enjoy Water Activities

In addition, one can also enjoy water activities like Tubewell Bath, Lotus Pond, River Crossing Paddle Boat and Tubewell bath etc.

5.     Indulge In Several Save Nature Initiatives

You can indulge in several save nature initiatives solar light, Gowshalam, organic farming and Drip irrigation etc.

6.     Adventurous Urban Sports   

For adventure loving people, there are adventure packages under which they can enjoy activities like Air Gun, Dart, Wall climbing, Gulel and All-Terrain vehicle (ATV) to bring out the adrenaline junkie in you. 


The Adventure Sports near Delhi give you a respite from the boring life and infuse a new energy into your life. You just need to select from Day Packages near Delhi, Overnight packages near Delhi or Village Tour Packages. After availing these packages, you will start feeling Delhi is also is a happening place like Punjab and other big cities of India.  Remember it may be tricky to find means of entertainment in Delhi but once the right are being established, the situation changes suddenly. 

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